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  • Floor Maintenance | The Project Company

    Floor Maintenance Floor Maintenance Guidelines

  • FAQs | The Project Company

    General Why does this type of flooring make sense for my space? Stained concrete, sealed concrete, polished concrete, or epoxy flooring provides a maintenance-friendly, attractive flooring surface for your environment. For residential, garages become more cleanable, patios more attractive. For commercial areas, they can provide an attractive option at a lower cost than alternatives, and are generally easier to clean. For restaurants, kitchen areas benefit from the durability of the right type of hard surface flooring - urethane mortar flooring. ​ It's not for every area, but it is an attractive flooring solution for many. Custom Designs Will you do a custom design? ​ I don't have a design plan, but I want a custom design. Yes! We take pride in our custom design work and will work with you to create it. ​ We can help with this. We know designing a floor can be difficult, but we can help you discover the design that best matches your vision. Pricing How much will my project cost? We work to offer options that are affordable and calculate our prices based on the type of floor. You will always receive a cost estimate prior to the beginning of the project, with clear expectations. Since each job is specific, we build your flooring to suit. As such, our prices range based on your space and your needs. ​ ​

  • Who Are You? | The Project Company

    Architects Business Owners Homeowners

  • Payment Processing | The Project Company

    Invoice and Payment Processing Payment by check: If you're paying by check, please mail payment to: ​ The Project Company 115 Cleburne Street Franklin, TN 37064 ​ Questions can be directed to Jonathan Grow: ​ Tel: (615) 525-6821 Payment by card: If you would like to pay by credit or debit card, please click the link below. Please note that an additional 2.9% processing fee will be added for all payment amounts made by card transaction. ​ ​ Pay Now Any questions can be directed to: ​ Jonathan Grow (Owner) Tel: (615) 525-6821

  • Engraving | The Project Company

    Engraved Concrete Customize your floor by engraving any image, text, medallion, or other floor accent. We offer design services. 1/2

  • Resources | The Project Company

    Resources Color Charts Floor Maintenance FAQs

  • Architects | The Project Company

    Architects Text...we know you have 1,001 things to handle for each project. That's why we've taken the essential elements of our site and put them all in one place. If you have any questions or need more information, we'll be happy to help--just use the contact form, and we'll respond as soon as possible! Button for: Resources, Color Charts, Gallery, Contact Us? also buttons on top of pictures or back to below? Color Charts Gallery Other Resources

  • Our Work | The Project Company

    Residential Work 1/2 Commercial Work Gallery

  • Contact | The Project Company

    Contact The Project Company ​ Tel: (615) 525-6821 Submit Thank you!

  • Sealed Concrete | The Project Company

    Sealed Concrete Sealing concrete is a budget-friendly option that adds durability and simple beauty to a space and makes it easier to clean and maintain. Sealed concrete is suitable for: Driveways Basements Warehouses Offices Lobbies Entryways 1/1

  • Decorative Concrete Finishes | The Project Company | United States

    1/16 Epoxy & Sealed Concrete Stained Concrete Engraving Polished Concrete

  • What We Do | The Project Company

    Our Products Stained Concrete Sealed Concrete Epoxy Flooring Engraving Polished Concrete

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